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2-я Российская школа-конференция “Сон - окно в мир бодрствования”

Abstract list

  1. Ananian A.A., Burikov A.A., Burikov М.A., Vnucov V.V., Mstibovskaya E.A., Shustanova T.A., Chichinadze O.N. Free-radical proceses of human organism in sleep - wakefulness cycle.
  2. Andreeva E.A., Chugueva O. I., Burikov A.A. Neuronal and high-frequency component ECоG In a cycle of "sleepy" spindles.
  3. Kalinchuk Anna, Urrila Anna-Sofia, Alanko Lauri, Heiskanen Silja, Wigren Henna-Kaisa, Suomela Maricel, Stenberg Dag, Porkka-Heiskanen Tarja. Local energy depletion in the basal forebrain and sleep.
  4. Burikov A.A., Buynina S.Y., Dmitrieva A.A., Polykova I.Y., Tkachenco O.G. Sleeping and sleep.
  5. Cespuglio Raymond Substance P and stress related REM sleep rebound in rat.
  6. Chichinadze O. N. Ananian A. A. Burikov A. A. Studying of the influence of selen compounds of the functional condition of rabbit.
  7. Danilova N.N., Dmitrieva E.S. Phasic and tonic responses of gamma- rhythm in wakefulness and slow sleep.
  8. Dergacheva O. Yu, Meyers I. E., Burikov A.A. Hypothalamus Posterior exerts inhibitory effects on the mechanisms of paradoxical sleep located in nucleus pontis oralis.
  9. Dorokhov V.B. Virtual reality and polygraphy: complex methodology of erroneous performance in human.
  10. Dorokhov V.B., Dementienko V.V., Markov A.G., Shakhnarovich V.M., Indursky P.A., Lavrova T.M., Novikova N.V., Kaplan A. Ya., Babin D.N., Mymrin V.V., Samonenko I.Yu. Car simulator of the time-course of autonomic indices during fatigue and conscious level decrease.
  11. Dorokhov Vladimir B. Switch of sense of presence during erroneous performance caused by sleep/wake transitions.
  12. Dunaevsky L.V. Regulation of sleep parameters by physical impacts during sleep and problems of mental illness treatment.
  13. Ekimova I.V., Lapshina K.V., Pastukhov Iu.F., Khudik R.A., Andreeva L.I., Magulis B.A. Somnogenic effects of heat-shock protein 70 during perod after stress caused by sleep deprivation.
  14. Ereymenko E.A., Sevostjanowa M.W., Kosenko P.O., Burikov A.A. Management of behavior of the turtles of peripheral stimulation armour-clad plates.
  15. Fesenko G.N., Kovalzon V.M. Complex administration of the peptides and sleep in rabbits.
  16. Gnezditsky V.V., Pyradov M.A., Korepina O.S. Awakening without consciousness (awereness) : the problem of early neurophysiological criteria of the apallic syndrome (persistent vegetative state) formation.
  17. Guselnikova E.A., Ekimova I.V., Pastukhov Yu.F. Effect of heat-shock protein 70 on "cholinergic" REM sleep in pigeons.
  18. Ismailova D.S., Maslova G.A., Posokhov S.I., Kovrov G.V., Strigin K.N., Levine I.I., Vein A.M. The Delta-sleep EEG asymmetry and forming subjective sleep quality.
  19. Iznak A.F. Sleep and psychological disturbances: psychological correlates and brain mechanisms similarity.
  20. Kallistov D., Romanov A., Sergeev S. Carotid intima-media thickness in patients with sleep disordered breathing of different severity.
  21. Kaplan A. Ya. Sleep EEG patterns during awareness.
  22. Karmanova I.G. About passive-protective forms of rest in animals of two philetic lines.
  23. Karmanova I.G. Data of the evolutionary somnology about structure of sleep-wakefulness cycle in vertebrates.
  24. Karmanova I.G., Aristakesyan E.A. Peculiarities of sleep-wakefulness cycle distortions in ontogeny of rats with genetic predisposition to catalepsy.
  25. Kharakoz D.P. The phases of sleep and the alteration of brain temperature - A Direct causal relationship?
  26. Korabelnikova E.A. Dream content dependence on human emotional state.
  27. Kostin A.A., Klimova N.M., Kuzmenko E.G. On characteristic of gamma-activity in the rabbit's brain.
  28. Levine I.I. A.M. Vein and Russian somnology.
  29. Loginov V.V., Dorokhov V.B. Paradoxical sleep length changes in rats during systemic and local influences.
  30. Lubshina O.V., Vigand M.V., Dorokhov V.B. Use of PAXIL for insomnia treatment during somatoform disfunction of vegetative nervous system.
  31. Lyamin O.I. Sleep and monitoring of the environment in marine mammals.
  32. Maslova G.A., Ismailova D.S., Posokhov S.I., Kovrov G.V., Strigin K.N., Levine I.I., Vein A.M. The REM EEG asymmetry and forming subjective sleep quality.
  33. Mironova E.N., Gulchenko S.A., Ermilov V.O. Sleep disorders in patients with neurological and professional diseases.
  34. Morenkov E.D., Petrova L.P., Nazarov V.B. Ultrastructural organization and functions of pineal gland in sleep-wake regulation and physiological processes in birds and mammals.
  35. Oleynikova Yu. A., VinitskyM.E., Burikov A.A. Human sleep and some disorders in upper breathing disorders.
  36. Pastukhov Yuri F. Intracerebral substrates of sleep-wake regulation in birds.
  37. Polouektov M.G., Koshelev I.Y., Levine I.I., Vein A.M. Depression and anxiety in sleep-related breathing disturbances.
  38. Posokhov S.I., Kovrov G.V., Levine I.I., Vein A.M. The Role of anxiety and depression in forming subjective sleep quality.
  39. Rukhadze I.R., Emukhvari N. M., Basishvili T.G., Mchedlidze O.M., Gogichadze M.V. Neurophysiological and neurochemical aspects of Nalbuphine-induced structural disorders of sleep-wakefulness cycle.
  40. Schukin T.N., Dorokhov V.B. Psychomotoric activity and EEG with the development of drowsiness.
  41. Sevostjanowa M. W., Ereymenko E.A., Kosenko P.O. Burikov A.A. Age features of biorhythms at overland (Testudo horsfieldi) turtle.
  42. Shakhnarovich V.M. Human-operator biofeedback and sleep.
  43. Shulgina G.I. Sleep and internal inhibition have identical genesis.
  44. Shustanova T.A., Bondarenko T.I., Burikov A.A., Mstibovskaya E.A. Molecular fundamentals of anti-stress regulation effect of delta-sleep inducing peptide.
  45. Sisoeva U., Verbitsky E. High anxiety and sleep development.
  46. Strekalova T., *Cespuglio R., *Valatx J-L., Spanagel R., Bartsch D., Henn F., Gass P. Sleep analysis in new mouse model of stress-induced depression: a pilot study.
  47. Strigin K.N., Levine I.I., Kovrov G.V., Posokhov S.I, Korabelnikova E.A., Sudakov K.V., Yumatov E.A., Vein A.M. Psychophysiology features of wake-sleep cycle in correlation to interhemisphere asymmetry caused by stress in healthy subjects.
  48. Strigin K.N., Levine I.I., Kovrov G.V., Posokhov S.I, Korabelnikova E.A., Sudakov K.V., Yumatov E.A., Vein A.M. Psychosomnic aspects in chronic emotional stress.
  49. Sumsky L.I. On the sources of the human EEG rhythmic components during night sleep and daily wakening.
  50. Svetlova N.V., Chugueva O.I., Burikov A.A. Neurons pulse activity of the rabbit's talamus reticulus nucleus in different stages of a cycle wakefulness - dream.
  51. Tarasov B.A., Levine I.I., A.M. Vein Quantitative and qualitative features of sleep structure in patients with epilepsy.
  52. Timofeev I. Cellular and network mechanisms of slow-wave sleep electrical activity.
  53. Uryvaev Yu. V., Vasiljev E.N. The oscillations of EEG interhemispheric asymmetry of healthy people during sleep. Is it a new form of the sleeping brain periodicity?
  54. Uryvaev Yu.V., Shevchenko L.I., Vasiljev E.N. The difference in activation of EEG and somato-vegetative reactions of a sleeping person under ten-second odogen nasal inhalation: the ways to explain sleep diversity of a definite level.
  55. Varduni T.V., Svetlova N.V., Burikov A.A. Elements of behavior of turtles within the framework of the concept rest-activity.
  56. Vataev S.I. Effects of different degrees of exercise on sleep in rats after total sleep deprivation.
  57. Verbitskay Yu.S., Ivanitsky G.A. Kokarev P.V. Dorokhov V.B. Dynamics of hearing evoked potentials in psychomotoric test performance disturbances in drowsy state.
  58. Volchenko M.V. Dream practice as a source of creativity and health.
  59. Voronina G.A., Malyh T.V. Sleep as a factor of adaptation reserves of organism to educational loading.
  60. Yasenkov R.V., Burikov A.A. Laminar organization of thalamocortical relationships in wakeful state and sleep.
  61. Zaycev A.J., Svetlov V.A., Levin J.M., Poluektov M.G., Olejnikov V.V., Kozlov S. P. Medicamentous sedation and natural dream: similarity and distinctions.
  62. Zyabliceva E.A., Shulgina G.I. Phenibut makes the sleep and the elaborating of the internal inhibition better because it makes the level of gaba-ergic mediator system higher.
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