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3rd International workshop "Sleep as a window to the waking world"
Rostov-on-Don, September, 26-27, 2005. (09.00 - 18.30)
Kogan Institute of Neurocybernetics, Rostov-on-Don State University,
Stachki prospect, 194/1, 5th floor), assembly hall.
Route from the city center by bus Nos: 26,67,71,72 or regular taxi Nos: 26,67,52,71,72
up to "Universitet" station along Zorge st. (Western region)


1. Alexandrova E.V., Obraztsova L.V., Reshetnikova N.V., Loshkarev A.A., Rodionova E.I., Pigarev I.N. Efficiency of the cortical projections to caudate nucleus in sleep-wake cycle
2. Belich A.I. On regulatory mechanism of the hart rate
3. Bogoslovsky M.M. Natural function of REM sleep
4. Buda Botond L., T?thG?bor A. Sleep Related Movement Disorders from a Neuropsyciatric Perspective
5. Burikov А.A. Drowsiness as an actual problem in somnology
6. Burikov А.A., Sevostyanova M.V. Rapid eye movements during rest periods in turtles as one of paradoxical sleep signs
7. Buyanina S.Yu., Gribcova T.V., Ipatova E.Yu., Polyakova I.Yu., Burikov А.A. Problems of day time drowsiness
8. Dementienko V.V., Gerus S.V., Mirgorodski V.I., Markov A.G., Dorokhov V.B., Shakhnarovich V.M. Quantitative assessment of the efficiency of the driver's vigilance monitoring systems: hazardous failures and "false" alarms
9. Dementienko V.V., Markov A.G., Shakhnarovich V.M., Lavrova T.M., Novikova N.V., Dorokhov V.B. Monitoring driver's drowsiness on driving simulators
10. Dergacheva O.Yu, Mendelowitz D. Possible neurophysiological mechanism for decreased heart rate during sleep: The role of hypocretin
11. Dmitriev K. L, Posockov S.I., Kovrov G.V. The comparative features of insomnia in patients with Parkinson disease (PD) dependently upon its clinical forms and the presence of complaints on sleep quality
12. Dorokhov V.B., Lavrova T.M., Novikova N.V., Aldushina M.A., Dementienko V.V., Markov A.G., Shakhnarovich V.M. Performance errors during prolong night time experiments: polygraphic analysis and reaction time
13. Fesenko G.N., Kovalzon V.M. Peptide combined administration and sleep-waking cycle in rabbits
14. Frleta M., Sicheva T., Michaliuk O., Pigareva M. L. Sleep pattern and sleep interruption in male and female Wistar rats before mating and offspring living ability: pilot behavioral study
15. Guselnikova Е.А. Characteristics of sleep and wakefulness states under consecutive microinjections of Hsp70 and carbachol in reticular formation of the midbrain in pigeons
16. Khudik K.A. Changes in temporal characteristics of sleep-wake cycle under central and peripheral microinjections of Hsp 70 kDa
17. Kochetova E.E. Voronin I.M. Change of central haemodynamics after sleep deprivation
18. Komarova T.G,. Ekimova I.V. Temperature components of sleep and wakefulness induced by activation of cholinergic receptors of the ventrolateral preoptic area in pigeons
19. Kostin A.N., Golikov Yu.Ya., Dorokhov V.B. The joint analysis of eye movements and SGR for differentiation of sleep and wakefulness
20. Kovalzon V.M., Dorokhov V.B. Computer polysomnographs in clinical and experimental studies
21. KovalzonV.M., Strekalova T.V. Delta sleep-inducing peptide (DSIP: a still unresolved riddle
22. Kutovaya E.V., Tarakanov A.V. Insomnia in ambulance doctors and the ways of its correction
23. Lapshina K.V., Ekimova I.V. Effect of intravenous injection of heat shock protein 70 kDa on the temporal characteristics of sleep-wake cycle in pigeons
24. Levin YA.I., Kovrov G.V., Crosier S.I., Strygin K.N. Hemisphere asymmetry, sigma rhythm and sleep structure in insomnia patients
25. Lubchina О.V., Kalachnikova О.V. Disruption of sleep in overweight patients
26. Lysenko V.S., Burikov A.A. Altered states of consciousness in dreams: self-identification, classification and a technological factor
27. Mankovskaya T.N., Khudik K.A., Nikiforova A.M., Pastukhov Yu.F. Stress protein 70 kDa promotes earlier recovery of sleep after stress
28. Mstibovskaya E.A., Shustanova T.A., Voronina O.N., Alferov E.L., Burikov A.A. Regenerative processes in the central nervous system and sleep
29. Nikitina L.S., Dorofeeva N.A. Participation of signal apoptosis proteins in organization of sleep-wake cycle at the expense of regulation of functional neuronal activity of rat brain
30. Pigarev I., Almirall H., Fedorov G., Marimon J., Levichkina E.V., Pigareva M. Component analysis of the cortical evoked responses to electrical intraperitoneal stimulation reveals complex dynamic pattern of the viscero-cortical interaction during slow wave sleep. Study in New Zealand rabbits
31. Popova E.P., Rodionova E. I. 2, Pigarev I. N. Hypnogenic effect of the caudate nucleus electric stimulation. The study in cats
32. Posochov S.I., Machulina A.I., Kovrov G.V., Levin Y.I. Subjective characterisitcs of low objective quality night sleep estimation in insomniacs
33. Prigorneva N.A., Sysoeva U.U., Verbitsky E.V. An attempt of continuous estimation of SWS phase development during nocturnal sleep in man
34. Pudikov I.V. Dynamics of some polysomnographic characteristics in phototherapy in patients with seasonal sleep-wake cycle disorders
35. Rudakova E.A., Voronin I.M. Effect of caffeine on central haemodynamics parameters during night sleep
36. Rutskova E.M., Fesenko G.N., Loginov V.V., Dorokhov V.B., Kovalzon V.M. Chronic carotid occlusion and sleep:experimental model of ischemic stroke
37. Senchenkov E.V., Afanas'ev S.V., Vataev S.L., Orlov A.A., Tolkunov B.F., Oganesyan G.A. Activity of putamen neurons in monkey sleep-wakefulness cycle
38. Shvets-Teneta-Guriy T.B., Troshin G.I., Dubibin A.G. Individual characteristics in oxidation-reduction potential of rat cerebral cortex in REM sleep episodes
39. Shchukin T.N. Integrated sleep control system project
40. Shulgina G. I., Zyablitzeva E. A. Neurophysiological basis of slow wave sleep and internal inhibition
41. Shustanova T.A., Mstibovskaya E.A., Burikov А.A. Effect of experimental impacts on intensity of free-radical processes and cycle wakefulness-sleep
42. Silkis I.G. A role of the basal ganglia in the occurrence of paradoxical sleep dreams (hypothetical mechanism)
43. Sysoeva Yu.Yu., Verbitsky E.V. The study of spatio-temporal EEG organization of night sleep development in persons with high and low level of anxiety
44. Topchiy I.A., Rector D.M. Delta activity and neuronal ensembles in the rat ventrobasal thalamus
45. Verbitskaya Yu.S., Dorokhov V.B. Dynamic of auditory evoked potentials and psychomotor test performance errors during falling asleep
46. Verbitskiy E.V., Popova V.A., Postelnaya O.A., Sysoeva Yu.Yu. Neurophysiology of night sleep disorders in children with hypothalamic syndrome
47. Verbitskiy E.V., Shulga E.L., Tumasova N.K., Sysoeva Yu.Yu., Krivokhlyabov I.P. Intersystem interrelationshisp in cat brain during habituation of orienting reflex, drowsiness and sleep deepening
48. Verbitsky E., Sysoeva U., Ishonina O., Pertov S.S., Kravchenko I.A. Somnological and anthropometric refrections in the level of personal anxiety
49. Verbitsky E.V., Pomuchin D.V., Sisoeva Yu.Yu., Romanova E.O, Krivochliabov I.P. Neurophysiology of adaptive-compensatory processes in patients with apnoe/hypopnoe different in their level of anxiety during sleep
50. Verbytskiy E.V., Pomukhin D.B., Sysoeva Yu. Yu. Polysomnography in sleep apnea diseases treatment
51. Zakharov A.V., Kuznetsova N.I. Family case of narcolepsy

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